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Patrick Norman
Director, Executive Producer, Editor, DP

Patrick Norman always wanted to be Maverick from Top Gun. He figured that wearing aviators and flying a jet would be a pretty nice way to make a buck. But then, as a third-grader, he saw Spielberg direct a t-rex in Jurassic Park and knew what he was put on this Earth to do. Since that epiphany, Patrick spent the rest of his childhood dreaming up and shooting his own films. He pursued his craft at Ohio University where, in the midst of the digital video revolution, he majored in Video Production. Quickly establishing a reputation for thinking big, he produced films of a scale, production value, and budget rarely seen on a college campus.

While Patrick's passion is writing and directing, his work doesn't stop there. In addition to producing, he has edited many of his films, including Pinned. He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he runs his production company, Lakewood Films, Ltd.

He still wears aviators.


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